Selling Your Home Without a Realtor?

It can be a very tough decision to decide if you are going to use a professional to sell your home. Every situation is unique. Your home might not have enough equity to support a real estate professional or you have a specific number that you must net and the commission to pay for a professional can cut into that.

Ian has a program perfect for you!

If you do not have enough equity to use our full services our “Transaction” package could be what you are looking for. You could save up to 75% over hiring us to market your home. Utilize our experience as we walk you through the transaction and ensure your deal closes! Of course,fiinding your own qualified buyer is your job but after locating your buyer you pass the transaction on to our staff of two full-time agents and a full-time administrative assistant who will work to ensure there are minimal issues with the sale and your deal closes.

For more details about our FSBO transaction package fill out the form and we will contact your shortly.

Having Trouble Selling Your Home?

If you have been trying to sell your house without a professional for some time now, and are not getting the action you were hoping for, now might be the time to contact us, it could be anything from you’re priced too high or not marketing well enough.

Sometimes the smallest repair or inexpensive change in your home can make a world of difference.

Contact us and we will come out to your home with our in-depth research of your area and knowledge of the market to show you exactly why your home has not sold and what we can do to help with no obligation ever!

Ian has sold a few hundred homes in the greater Pittsburgh area.

It’s simple, just fill out the form to learn more.

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