I was out showing my clients some homes the other day and I was thinking I should let people know the 5 things that I feel help your home sell faster, this list is 100% my opinion based on what I have seen showing house to clients.

#1 If you are going to spend money put it in the Kitchen.

The number one thing people want when looking at homes is a nice kitchen, even people who say they are looking for a home to fix up will still be happy when they walk into an updated kitchen. It does not cost as much as people think and sometimes even painting cabinets and putting new hardware on can save you money over installing new cabinets. Granite or Quartz for the counter tops, stainless steel or slate for the appliances and tile floors. If you spend $5,000 in the kitchen you should get a minimum of $7500 when you sell if you pick the right materials, if you are planning on selling in the next 5 years pick what consumers like not what you like.


#2 Smell

That’s right folks smell is the #2 thing on my list because it can turn off your buyer as soon as they walk in the door, musty basement? Use a dehumidifier! Pet’s? Make sure the carpets are cleaned and do things to cover up the smell like bake cookies before a showing (if possible) maybe light some candles before a showing. A good smelling home will make a lasting impression, a bad smelling home and you will have to overcome it. If you live in the home invite someone over who won’t be scared to tell you what they think, you would rather hear it from someone you know then from a buyers agent who showed the house.

#3 First impression

Curb appeal is key especially in the spring or summer months but go beyond that, what is the first room the buyer will walk into when they come to see your house? Make sure that room is staged, too much clutter can make a room feel small and not enough furniture or lighting can make it not feel like home. If you need help hire a professional stager it will run you around $800 plus a small monthly fee but it will help you sell fast!

#4 Paint

I know painting is easy but if you overwhelm the potential buyer with too many things they need to do when they buy the home it will hurt your chances, if your daughter has a bright pink room tell her she can paint any color or design in the new home if you can paint it a neutral color for a few months. If you love your bright green dining room think of how your new dining room will look and turn it back to a light tan color for the sale of your home, I have had buyers not like a house because of the wild paint in the house. Some people don’t want to paint when they buy a house, they just want to move right in.

#5 Refreshments

Make your potential buyers happy! Most buyers see multiple properties while they are out and about if you leave out a dish of candy and some bottles of water with a note thanking them for coming to view your home it could go a long way. If someone is focusing on how thirsty they are they won’t be focusing as much on how amazing your kitchen is, the little things can move your home from #3 on their list to #1.

One more thing I can recommend is typing a letter telling the potential buyer why you loved the house so much, it might make them think about things that they normally would not when looking at your home.

If you want to see what your home is worth give me a call 724-492-8312 to setup a no obligation home evaluation meeting.

The best time to list a home is spring time and spring is coming fast!