Happy Monday!

In this week’s “Why Pittsburgh?”, I wanted to focus on the technology and lending boom slowly taking the city by storm. We’ve been forever known as the Steel City, but soon, we may be known for the “Silicon Strip”, as companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, and Uber have opened offices in Pittsburgh.  Some analysts have gone as far as calling us “The New Austin, Texas”, which is certainly good company to keep.

This progressive mindset can be directly correlated to the fantastic colleges and universities around the city, like Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University, just to name a few. In a 2014 assessment gauging the percent of young adults with four year degrees, Pittsburgh ranked 8th in the nation…ahead of cities like Austin, Seattle, Denver, and Nashville! This is certainly not your parent’s Pittsburgh anymore!

For investors, Pittsburgh could be a financial dream. In less than two years, many office tenant leases are set to expire, which could lead to several real estate investing steals. There’s no question some of the tech world’s heaviest hitters are staking claim in the Steel City…what are you waiting for?

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