A couple weeks ago I detailed how Pittsburgh is slowly turning into the Silicon Valley of the Northeast. Well, in a 2015 study by Money Magazine, Pittsburgh was voted the No. 1 city to live in the Northeast!

The top cities were chosen based on their robust job market, affordable housing, and other ­factors such as accessibility to health care, culture, and open space, to name a few. The magazine editors also gave extra points to places with low crime and strong public schools.

Money Magazine states, “Every rust-belt city dreams of reinventing itself for the 21st century, but Pittsburgh has ­succeeded. A major factor can be directly connected to two Steel City tech-rich schools: the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon, from which companies like Google and Apple can pull from an endless pool of potential candidates. And unlike some tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh is affordable! The Money Magazine report lists home prices at 2.7 times the median income.


Check out the full report…HERE!