One of the easiest and fun ways to give your home or rental a visual makeover is by making simple landscaping changes. Landscaping jobs can seem intimidating at first, but fear not. Small, personalized jobs can go a long way, and usually be done by anyone! Affordability is another positive. Small upgrades to your lawn are oftentimes more inexpensive than one would think. If you’re looking to spice up your own lawn, or create a higher return on investment, don’t forget about the power of a lawn that “pops”. The best part about these tips…they’re applicable for any size lawn!

A garden of any size can really add to the aesthetics of your property, and don’t be afraid to mix in perennials. While there may be a slight increase in initial cost, what you’ll save on a year over year basis is worth the investment (especially if you have a rental property). If you’re using perennials for your home, your home will start to have an annual identity! Imagine being the envy of your neighborhood when your annual garden starts to bloom!

Another way to save a little cash in the exterior design category is asking friends for cuttings from plants or flowers they may have. Some plants can grow from a small cut from another plant, and you’d be surprised how a little sharing can go a long way. If you have multiple properties, you can use cuttings from one property and start to grow on all your properties.

For more cost-effective ideas, including one I absolutely love regarding geometric patterns and ground cover, check out this fantastic list by Marina Resto at…HERE!