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Last week I discussed how the veil was slowly being lifted, as the Steel City’s secret of being a Foodie’s Dream isn’t much of a secret anymore. And to say it a third time, we’re now the home of the “Best Cheesesteak in Pennsylvania“!

This week, Eater.com released their “9 Hottest Restaurants in Pittsburgh RIght Now” list. With a wide variety of popular spots, ice cream shops, coffee houses, and late night dining, this list encompasses why Pittsburgh is a delight for fellow frantic fans of fantastic food.

One aspect that caught my eye was how many vegan restaurants were listed, and have been popping up all around the Steel City. Now, I personally can’t live without meat, but this doubles down on the new age mindset Pittsburgh has adopted. I can almost guarantee no one ever envisioned a Pittsburgh without Three Rivers Stadium and vegan menus all over the city!

Another reason I found this list so fascinating is how different the cuisine is compared to the Pittsburgh standards you typically hear about in pop culture, and had ingrained in your cerebellum over the years. You won’t find Primanti Bros.’ or Quaker Steak listed among these culinary hot spots.

To find out if your favorite establishment made the list, or if you just want to find your new favorite eatery, check out the article from Eater.com…HERE!