Pittsburgh residents have always had a love affair with the experience of watching the latest box office smash at…a drive-in movie theater. There was a time during the 50s and 60s where drive-ins were all the rage around the country, but their popularity and lasting power in Western Pennsylvania was second to none. Even today, there are seven drive-in movie theaters within a reasonable driving distance from downtown Pittsburgh. Basically, we love the charm of watching a movie under the stars than renting from, say…Blockbuster Video. (Too soon? ūüėČ )

Even though the Pittsburgh area still loves outdoor cinemas, the iconic Dependable Drive-In, located in Moon Township, remains the only theater left in Allegheny County. Since 2011, two local theaters were forced to shut down. Earlier this year, the Twin Hi-way Drive-In was forced to shut down due to the expansion of other local businesses. Back in 2013, Beaver County’s quaint Kane Road Drive-In was also forced to close their doors.

Another added bonus with the drive-ins listed below? Most double as a flea market on the weekends. Be sure to check out the websites listed below.

Admittedly, I still love the nostalgia of “hitting up the drive-in” with my family. There’s nothing like watching a movie under the stars on a warm summer night. If you’re like me, I’ve listed the seven theaters left in Western Pennsylvania, with links to their respective websites. So when you go see Batman super-villains Joker and Harley Quinn wreak havoc on Arkham Asylum and Gotham City this weekend, watch them from under the stars!

Dependable Drive-In:

Brownsville Drive-In:

Erwin’s Comet Drive-In:

Evergreen Drive-In:

Riverside Drive-In:

Starlight Drive-In:

Skyview Drive-In:




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