This week marks the 50th anniversary of the University of Pittsburgh becoming a “state school”, dropping it’s private status. . Upon affiliation with the state, subsidized tuition led to a massive influx of new students and rapid expansion of Pitt’s size and scope.

Although a private institution for most of the school’s nearly 230-year existence, the University of Pittsburgh finally became a “state-school” on August 9, 1966. The Commonwealth’s designation and support of the University of Pittsburgh as a state-related university makes educational services available at lower tuition charges to the residents of Pennsylvania. The state-related designation provides state funds for the University’s general operating budget; it makes the University eligible for state facility construction grants; yet it permits the University to remain legally a private entity and to retain most of the freedom and individuality of a private institution while it serves more fully the needs of the residents of the Commonwealth. The University still relies on private, federal, and foundation sources (tuition income, income from service operations, sponsored research funds, and income from endowments and private giving).

Pitt is one of the Steel CIty’s crown jewels. The university earns national accolades for its highly ranked School of Medicine, School of Education and Swanson School of Engineering. The School of Medicine is particularly well regarded for its research, working in conjunction with the highly ranked University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and the institution receives one of the highest amounts of funding from the National Institutes of Health. The university is well known for its focus on going green, too. Students and faculty work toward environmentally friendly neighborhood solutions at the school’s Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation.

Happy Anniversary, Panthers! See you next year when we celebrate your big 230th birthday.





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