I may bring this up a lot, but Pittsburgh is much more than a sports town. Yes, Yinzers love their Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates (seemingly in that order…or depending on who is winning. ūüėČ ). Even though I’m a huge sports fan myself, the Steel City’s true charm has nothing to do with athletics. Pittsburgh’s true charm is this city is for everybody.

On a weekly basis I pull events or old time memories to show the true community vibe we have here in Pittsburgh. I’ve traveled a decent amount, and only New Orleans can compete with us when it comes to the “us against the world” connection Pittsburghers have with one another. I truly believe this comes from the diversity of events that bring so many wonderful people together.¬†

The stigma of “there’s nothing to do in Pittsburgh” has been shaken for some time now, and there may never have been a better time to be a Pittsburgher. I can’t remember a time when we could argue we have too many events…because there’s not enough time in the day to attend all the ones I want! Too many exciting events…not a bad problem to have for a so-called “small mill town”.

So, I felt a due diligence to deliver¬†as many events as possible, to you the reader, hoping to get everyone out of the house enjoying themselves. Then I found the fantastic website. After browsing for almost an hour, I realized there is no way to encapsulate all the cool events and attractions coming to Pittsburgh in one post. It’s astonishing how many events and attractions this city has going for it, and most people are left out of the loop! From annual events, to festivals, to special attractions, Pittsburgh has it all…sometimes at no cost!

Ladies and gents, as much as I love helping you buy or sell your home, I love seeing people out enjoying themselves even more. With the plethora of choices our city gives us, there’s never a reason to say, “there’s just nothing to do around here!”

Head over to and check out the upcoming events! Maybe we can finally put this “sports town” stigma to rest. And maybe so I can keep attending Supernatural conventions and Steel City Comic-Con…




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