Many of us are renters rather than buyers, and sometimes that limits what we can or can’t do to our homes. I compiled a list of simple recommendations to help spice up your rental and personalize your humble abode as much as possible.

1. Be Patient And Resist The Urge

I know the temptation is great when your place is empty and your budget is small, but don’t just fill it with items from stores like Ikea or Target. If your budget is small, thrift stores, Craigslist, and flea markets have an abundance of well-made pieces for a bargain. Also…be patient. You don’t have to furnish the entire house in one shopping trip. It’s worth waiting to get pieces you will love for years to come.

2. Change Out Lighting

Don’t just deal with the boring, outdated lighting fixtures that come with most rentals. Lights are so easy to change, and they make a big difference. Plus, they’re something you can take with you when you leave. Just store the original lights and set them back up when you move out.

3. Don’t Leave Walls Blank

Obvious, right? Don’t be afraid to make a few holes (that’s what spackle is for!). Honestly, nothing is more depressing than blank walls. Artwork, photos, and decorative touches are the soul of a house.

4. Paint Your Furniture

Not being able to paint your walls is one of the biggest obstacles renters are forced to work around. However, you can paint your own furniture, and a coat of paint can really breathe new life into your thrift store finds. Having some big painted pieces (like a hutch, a desk, or an armoire) goes a long ways toward livening up an apartment.

5. Removable Wallpaper

If white walls really bum you out, try the new trend of removable/temporary wallpaper. There are quite a few companies that sell it, in lots of stylish patterns that will add instant style to your walls! They’re easy to install, and just as easy to remove when you move out.

6. Fresh Flowers & Plants

Fresh flowers and plants are one of the best ways to make a place feel more welcoming, rental or not. If you live in an apartment without a backyard to connect to the outdoors, they’re even more essential! Of course, dead plants are even more depressing than no plants, so try ones that are easy to keep alive, like succulents, cacti, and air plants.


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