About Ian

I am blessed to have an amazing group of family, friends & partners.

Kasandra – My wife began dating when we were sixteen and she is my rock. One of the reasons I am able to be successful is because she is behind me every step of the way supporting me. She has the great ability to support me but also let me know when I need more family time, I sure found a gem in my Arizona days.

Olivia – My first born child is truly amazing, I call her my mini-me because she looks just like me but she has her own personality and I think the one thing that blows me away about her is she can make a friend in under five seconds and she makes friends everywhere we go.

Roman – While he might test our patience daily this kid is smart and witty. He wants things his way but I think he will be great at everything he puts his mind to. I named him after my great-grandfather and Lord knows he is as much of a perfectionist as my grandpa Roman was.

Lois – My mother, while her life was not glorious or affluent when I was growing up it was hard to tell. She always told me to keep my head up and work hard and things will get better. While she couldn’t teach me financial education she sure taught me just about everything else there is to know about life. One thing I always say is you can tell how creative she is because she knew how to cook a potato a million different ways and that was before Pinterest.

Alex Deacon –  My Mentor – When I met Alex I had just taken a $30k per year pay cut and was trying to find a way to make a few dollars on the side with my Real Estate license, now we are partners and he is one of the most genuine people  I have ever met. I owe a large part of my success to him.

Josh Tonecha –  A great partner and friend – When I met Josh I didn’t know what to think. Josh, and his wife, sat at my desk and told me he was going to be the Donald Trump of Washington County (or something like that). A few years later I feel like I have known him my entire life.

Other people who I must mention – Dave Sharman (Best friend since the 3rd grade), Sean Sabina (Can’t say enough about him), Court Hower (Keeps me focused), Matt Beam (Keeps me legal), Paula Deacon (Work Mom).

I have so many other people I could write about that had a huge impact on my life.

My career path:

At the age of ten I delivered news papers for the Erie times

At sixteen I worked for the busiest Subway in America (boy did I learn from that!)

Best buy was my first sales job

T-mobile is where I spent the majority of my career before going out on my own

Now I own over ten businesses most with great partners who I could not do without.

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