In this episode Ian is by himself breaking down the HUGE decision most agents run into when deciding to take their business to the next level, should I start a team or open a brokerage?

Ian uses his knowledge of being on a team and research he used when opening Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors with his partner Alex Deacon, there is no right answer and he gets into the pro’s and cons of both along with the decision to franchise vs going independent.

You don’t want to miss this episode!


In the latest episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, I sit down with Gigi Barnett! Gigi is a 20-year television news anchor and creator of “Story Sell Your Brand“, where Gigi shows realtors how to get on TV and radio, and how to add a dose of celebrity to their brands through media appearances!

Other topics covered include:

• Why realtors don’t have to be a high-level real estate agent or have a 
slew of sellers and buyers before getting local media attention.
• How agents can do their own public relations and see results with easy
30-minute-a-day action steps.
• How agents can find the best real estate and housing news content that
producers, editors and reporter crave.
• The currency that allows agents to get on TV, radio and in
publications the fastest.

Gigi & I also trade marketing stories and tips. Don’t miss this highly informative episode, as Gigi brings a wealth of knowledge to the table!


In this episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast, Ian Hoover sits down with Jesse Wig, Owner of Lifespace andAtlas Estates. Jesse’s big personality and positive mindset really set the tone for a fantastic conversation between two highly motivated and successful entrepreneurs.

Jesse also adopted the moniker of “Bearded Bowtie Guy”, and we can’t say we disagree. Jesse’s beard is a thing of beauty! In fact, Jesse filmed a TV pilot for HGTV in part of his amazingly positive personality and branding!


Doug Raible the president of Sterling Heights Financial Group sits down with Ian to discuss the financial world and how it can impact Realtors.
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